Bella Riboni is a 17 year old artist based in the charismastic neighborhood of North Park, San Diego, a diverse, burgeoning art district located in California. Art is at the core of Bella's life and she loves it! Her creativity is an abundant source. Bella has a unique ability to articulate through her art. Incorporating her innate creativity, natural aesthetic approach, and unrelenting perservence to keep learning, Bella is able to exquisitely manifest her artistic visions onto canvas or paper.

Bella admires artists such as, Mary Stevenson Cassatt, who paved the way for women artists. Cassatt was an American painter who was active in the women's suffrage movement during 1915, a time when women were excluded from receiving art education.

Bella's art stands as a testimony to women such as Audrey flack, who profoundly affected the direction of her art. Audrey Flack pioneered the photorealism genre which has captured Bella's heart since age 13, when she first began viewing videos of the museum of modern art.

Bella unites with an ensemble of materials such as graphite and colored pencils, charcoal, oil paint and water color. The portraits Bella draws are not merely lifelike; her portraits seems to come to life. The facial features in her portraits are impossible to discern from those in the actual photographs. Yet, there is a unique feature in each piece of her artwork which makes it stand apart from an actual photograph.  No holds barred, her hand drawn portraits are visually set apart from standard photographic reproductions. Aside from capturing the image of the person, Bella's uncommon ability to articulate through her chosen medium allows her to capture the personality, character and essence, as well as retain a "life-like" property. In addition, Bella's art exudes a compassion and understanding of the people she draws.

Bella has an amazing ability to capture the humanity of the fictional or non-fictional character she is drawing. She transforms the subject of the art into a tangible thing, in which the viewer becomes emotionally involved with the subject of the drawing. Aside from capturing the emotions, the viewer develops a distinct connection to the object in her art, grounding them to the respective point in time and place. Want to be in the setting of a Marvel movie? Have Bella draw your favorite Marvel or Disney scene! You'll feel like you discover a portal into another world.

If you purchase a print from Bella Riboni, you can be assured you are purchasing the exact scan of her work-there is no plastic surgery performed on her prints. Most artists rely on photo editing software to digitally enhance their work. The art you purchase from Bella Riboni differs, you will recieve the exact scans of her artwork -no Photoshop. no digital touch up. You will receive pure RAW ART.

After you become acquainted with her raw artwork, you might want her to draw a specific scene or footage still from your favorite movie. In addition, she can recreate a specific album cover, unique tattoo image, or a customized backdrop for a trade show. And don't forget to checkout her art featured in the Hollywood feature film, The Samuel Project. 

Bella is open in sharing her expertise with others and is receptive to mentoring beginning artists and revealing her intricate secrets. She often volunteers to help others express their creative voice, providing them the confidence towards achieving and visualizing their artistic ideas. Check out her upcoming video tutorials!